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If you're using McRel for principal evaluation, USATLE is the most
user-friendly online option available.



  • EASY TO USEDesigned for busy educators to get things done quickly.

  • LOW COST – flat package pricing makes decision-making easy and reliable.

  • EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT – get more done with in an interface that works for you.

  • ONLINE ANYTIME ACCESS – state of the art web-based application allows for employee evaluation at any time from any place.
  • FREE UP YOUR TIME – Organizes and simplifies the time-consuming process for faster completion.

  • PHONES ANSWERED BY REAL PEOPLE – We’re not creating a support ticket, we’re helping you right away whenever possible.


On-Site Experts

USATLE has on-site experts, and a US-based staff to answer your calls for help when you need it.

Developed by Educators

USATLE is software founded and developed by educators to be the educator’s solution.

High-Performance Customer Service

High-performance customer service and support, whenever you need it, on the phone or via email.

Trusted by Districts

Currently serving more than
460 districts with teacher, principal/leader, and support evaluation.

When you know better 
you do better.

/ Maya Angelou


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