If you are using McREL for your Principal/Leader evaluations, USATLE is the simplest, easiest-to-use way for you to complete your evaluation process. Principals can access and create all documents, including Self-evaluation and Goal Setting. Superintendents and other evaluators can manage the evaluation of all principals, as well as create the Supervisor Evaluation. Evaluation can be a time-consuming process. Let us help you complete your McREL evaluation process thoroughly and efficiently, while saving you time that you can focus on other matters.


Our detailed Teacher Evaluation system is based upon the Tulsa Model for Effective Teacher Evaluation, developed by Tulsa Public Schools through a grant from the Gates Foundation. It contains 20 individual criteria and uses a 5-point rating system from Superior to Ineffective.

Our web application for teacher evaluation features a user-friendly interface that even the most tech-averse person can love. Plus great customer support is included for when you need it! We also help teachers directly when they have forgotten their passwords or have other questions. We recognize the Principals have enough to do without being in the password reset business.

Support Employees

Many Districts do not adequately evaluate support employees, sometimes due to time constraints, and sometimes simply because it may not be required by law. You definitely need to be evaluating your support employees

  • To know how well they are performing
  • To support disciplinary action when necessary

Our Support Employee Evaluation System (SEES) is different than most because it addresses general criteria that apply to all employees and specific criteria that apply to each individual position. It is so easy to evaluate Support Employees when you can quickly customize evaluation documents to individual job descriptions. Each employee is evaluated on exactly what they were told their job would be.